Pro[g]getti is an interior designer's studio & sales point. As a main feature it aims at being a service provider in the sector as well as a commercial operator. Such a schedule involves a twofold consideration: on the one hand the owner's personal purpose to enhance the professional aspects of his trade, on the other the awareness that furnishing a room means creating emotion and functionality – with consideration to people's living habits - rather than simply fitting it out. Furnishing is not just about selling pieces of furniture, it is a quest for harmony among structural elements, fittings, finishing.

In accordance with these views Pro[g]getti srl is in a position to provide:-  interior design services
-  renovation works & realization of fittings, employing a consolidated     team of skilled craftmen
-  furniture supply

Operative areas: house - office - shop - community

Pasquale Restucci

He was born in Naples September 10, 1961.
He is registered to AIPI (Italian Association of Interior Designers).


After the achievement of technical maturity he specializes in interior design and visual communication at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Venice.
Later he got his degree in architecture at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Udine. Title of the thesis: The interior architecture as a rewriting of space.


He begins various professional collaborations with architects dealing especially interior design.
At the same time continued his education by attending refresher courses and specialization on interior design, technology on the design of the cabinet, lighting, business management courses in the forniture field.
Training and work experience run through a parallel path, in fact after the first collaborations in 1989 he opened an office of interior design with adjoining showroom which deals with interior in its overall concept (reference sectors: house, office, shop.. combining logic design and realizations of great value).
He gets professional experiences in foreign countries like China, Holland, Austria, Spain, Croatia.

Since 2001 he worked as a teacher at the Enaip of Udine (Regional Organization of Professional training) in the module "Processing and presentation of a project”. Topics covered in its course are: design, materials technology, production and distribution of industry and furnishing, styles and trends in the world of living, bands of the furniture market, sale, marketing.

In October 2002 he founded pro[g]getti srl, a new office in the historic center of Udine, as an enrichment to their professional development.

From 2011 he worked as a teacher also at the training institution IAL (Innovation Learning Work) of Udine in the module “Styles and trends of living”.


Publications of some of his accomplishments:
- Casa 99 Idee (Di Baio publisher), September 2008
- La mansarda (Di Baio publisher), November 2009
- Redazionale Confindustria Udine, June 2009


- Acquisition of office of interior designer and artistic director for the realization of the conference room and executive offices of the ANCE Group (under forthcoming publication of specialized magazines).
- Interior design for the entrance hall of Palazzo Torriani, the Industrial Union of Udine.
- Design and implementation of notarial offices in the province of Udine.
- Design and construction of concept storenei various sectors.
- Design and implementation of various restructuring and interior design for residential use, both in Italy and abroad


German: good level
English: school level